Lightweight, Wearable Child Restraint


Easy, safe and convenient child restraint for use in private cars, taxis and school buses. The vest is lightweight (weighs less than 700 grams without the tether), is easy to carry and fits in your child’s backpack.


Perfect for:

  • Private car use
  • Taxis and school buses
  • School drop off / pick up
  • Travel in more than one car
  • Three kids across the backseat


The lightweight RideSafer Delight is designed and crash tested* for children ages 3 and older (30-60 pounds or 13.6-27.2 kilograms / 35-50 inches or 88.9-127cm approx).

RideSafer® Delight Travel Vest

Colour: Grey
Neck Cushion
  • The RideSafer® Delight Travel Vest comes with the vest, lightweight carrier bag and detachable crotch strap and is available in Black, Gray or Yellow. (optional extras include a removeable neck cushion and tether strap).


    Key features of this revolutionary wearable child restraint:


    • Adjustable back straps for better fit
    • Maintains proper belt positioning
    • The guides keep the lap belt going across the hips, protecting internal organs
    • The shoulder guide safely holds the shoulder belt in place, away from the neck, ensuring your child feels comfortable and secured
    • The vest removes the desire to tuck the belt behind the back or under the arm, an unsafe practice that often happens with a backless booster
    • By keeping your child’s center of gravity low in the vehicle seat, RideSafer® improves how well a child experiences crash energy and reduces head and knee injuries. Plus, its innovative energy-absorbing foam means, any crash energy will spread across your child’s whole chest as opposed to the two-inch area of a seat belt.


    ** RideSafer Delight (without Tether)  is tested and certified to the dynamic test requirements specified in FMVSS 213.  It is also designed to and complies with all of the other applicable requirements of FMVSS 213 for a harness including product labeling, webbing requirements and instruction manual.