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100% natural straight from the trees, environmentally friendly for a healthy lifestyle. Unlike petroleum-mixed latex, natural latex is non off-gassing, which promotes sleeper’s blood circulation.

Access to rubber tree plantations across Vietnam, therefore our latex products are not only the best of quality but also 100% natural. The latex sap are responsibly tapped and inspected by technicians to ensure that only the best quality is selected.

Traditional design, suitable for all ages and sleep position preferences.

Features :

Extra Soft

Provides long-lasting, responsive and consistent medium support for all types of sleepers. Natural latex delivers consistent support due to the materials responsiveness and recovery capabilities creating a weightless or buoyant feel.

Oval latex pillow core has been calibrated, and the pillow achieves the right personal balance between support and comfort. Maintain its shape and support your head while being soft and comfortable. Whether you sleep on your side, back or abdomen – this is your pillow! Get ready for the most peaceful sleep you can experience.

Natural Oval latex pillow (35x50cm)

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