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Introducing myFirst Fone R1s, a 4G Kids Smartwatch Phone now with a refined design with heart rate monitoring and motivation for the young ones to achieve their daily steps target, more storage, more music, and much faster speed with the improved waterproof rating.

4G Kids Smartwatch Phone with Heart Rate Monitoring

✓ Stay connected with voice, video call & messaging

✓ Real-time location tracking using GPS

✓ Quick help with one-touch SOS

✓ More storage, more music, and much faster speed

Two-Way Voice & Video Call

Stay connected with your kid at every moment. Both parents and kid can initiate video calls at anytime, anywhere. Using cellular networks, both the R1 and smartphone can communicate through voice or video calls just like a regular phone.

GPS Tracking

GPS trackers keep kids safe when they are out of sight. R1 uses advanced GPS, WiFi and GSM to help parents accurately and conveniently track their kids. Through the myFirstFone app, parents can schedule regular location updates based on time intervals or geolocations. Parenthood just got a little easier with our GPS tracking!

myFirst Fone R1S 4G Music Smartwatch Phone with GPS & Video Call

$299.00 Regular Price
$269.10Sale Price
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