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Brain teasers for kids, teens, and adults.  IQ training STEM toys. Level 2Level 2 - Challenging level: 6/10 - Free Full-size printable patterns for Preschoolers Download here. The Small T© is one-of-a-kind puzzle for 2 reasons:• Innovative polygon shapes• Presents hundreds of puzzling challenges in increasing difficulty with only 3 to 5 wooden pieces, the least number of pieces in the market.✅FUN AND CREATIVE: 3 innovative polygon pieces offer 24+ mind games with increasing difficulty, from animals to objects; endless amazing possibilities where your imagination comes to life. This fun, addictive and challenging game helps parents to keep children away from digital devices and brings families together for unforgettable bonding time. You will be surprised how your children could beat you in the games.✅DEVELOP CRITICAL SKILLS: Builds crucial skills such as visual perception, logic, problem-solving abilities, and divergent thinking skills, while training your concentration and boosting your creativity. ✅FOR ALL AGE: There simply isn't any age restriction for this puzzle, whether you're 7 or 70! Perfect for kids, teens and adults alike.• For Adults and Teen, The Small T© is perfect for passing time, digital detox, stimulate your brain muscles, improve memory, reduce stress and anxiety. Recommended for preventing memory decline of the elderly.• Kids and Parents love them. Inspire children's imagination as well as promote their physical & intellectual development. More than just a STEM toy, The Small T© puzzles engage many core cognitive skills in solving the challenges including Spatial Insight, Problem Solving, Planning, Concentration, Logic and more.Not only do kids and parents love The Small T© puzzles but so do teachers. Great addition to Montessori and Math classrooms for both educational and emotional development. This brain game encourages hands-on learning, engages children’s minds and imaginations, strengthens their resilience and reinforces the ability to celebrate success yet accept failure too. ✅FOR ANY OCCASIONS: from party games to travel games, even for the classroom, family room, and office, or table games in shops and café.Seem to be single-player games but often people solve these puzzles in collaboration. The pocket-sized travel-friendly wooden box, perfect for playing on the go: Anytime, Anywhere, by Anyone ✅A UNIQUE GIFT: Carefully crafted in premium sustainable wood, precision cut, non-toxic painted finish; smooth and pleasant to touch, good sized even for the little hands. Perfect for Birthday presents, Easter and Christmas gifts.  A combo set of 4 levels in a presentable box is an ideal Housewarming gift.

Brain Teaser Puzzle T2 - Shoji box (great travel game or desk toy for office)

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